My inspiration to launch The Wellness Obsessive came from my desire to guide others to good health and positivity. Having confidence is crucial to thrive and to live life to the fullest, especially as a teenager. I’m confident that by fueling your body with the right nutrients and vitamins and by staying active day to day, anyone is able to find satisfaction in life. Doing so results in a healthier body and, most importantly, a positive mind. Your happiness and wellbeing comes first, always. 


I’ve found that eating well leaves me feeling well. A common misconception about a healthy diet is that you must sacrifice taste and the joy of eating. Another misinterpretation is that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is expensive… which isn’t always true. That being said, I’ve carefully created my recipes to show you that eating wholesome, nourishing foods is delicious and economical. While remaining dedicated to quality and flavor, I present to you the finest guilt-free dishes from Sunday’s pancakes to your midnight snack. I don’t believe in spending the time, energy and money to craft a meal unless it leaves you feeling satisfied and content­—and my recipes will do just that.  


I consider myself healthy and strive to promote healthier habits, but my diet consists of more than just leafy greens and goji berries. Deprivation results in feelings of restriction and resent, which ultimately leads bingeing and failure. A slice of chocolate cake (with an extra scoop of ice cream) is necessary to keep us sane­—so don’t forget to indulge every now and then. It’s about balance.


“Eat clean to stay healthy, eat a burger to stay sane.”