My Mission

          Being a teenager, I know first-hand how society’s standards of beauty can cultivate unhealthy habits. You don’t need to be a size 2 to be beautiful; you just need to be positive and happy. I’ve found that by fueling my body with the right nutrients and
leading an active lifestyle, my confidence and overall wellbeing has escalated. I hope that by sharing my story, recipes, and tips to stay fit that I can influence and educate the American youth to put their health first, and the cereal box down.

          However, wellness goes far beyond physical matters. Wellness is all about balance. We must find balance in all aspects of our lives: school, work, family, friends, sleep, working out, and diet. As a high school student, I know what it’s like to feel stressed and overwhelmed. We must take time to study and be dedicated to school or work, but we must also be dedicated to ourselves. My goal is to live an optimistic and balanced lifestyle inside and out, and to guide others to do the same.


You must take care of yourself and choose to think positive in order to be well.