So by now you guys know what I eat in a typical day through the plethora of stories and posts I have that document my daily diet. BUT, I feel like I’ve kind of snoozed on sharing my workout routine… probably because it’s super repetitive and uninteresting. To sum it up, I’m a die-hard Barry’s Bootcamp gal and probably always will be! The workout is a perfect combo of strength training and cardio, but the best part is that the intensity of the workout depends on you. It’s not an instructor-centric class; you’re facing yourself (in the mirror) the whole time. Barry’s has taught me how to push myself, and has proven to me that 1. Hard work really does pay off, and 2. When shit gets hard, you gotta push through it no matter what (inside AND outside of the studio). Anyway, everyone’s bodies are different and everyone has their own preferences, but I personally love learning about what other people do to stay fit and how often they do it. Just because this works for me doesn’t mean it will or should work for you! It took me years of sampling different types of workouts to finally find a routine that I love and that pays off mentally and physically. That being said, find my weekly workout schedule below!




I never skip a Monday workout. It really sets the tone for the week and leaves me ready to take on whatever’s thrown my way! Monday is arms & abs day at Barry’s Bootcamp so you can find me there at 6am every Monday.




Like Monday, you can catch me at that 6am Barry’s Bootcamp class! Except Tuesday’s are lower-body day (think legs, ass, core).




No workout. I usually take hump-day as an opportunity to get an extra hour of sleep and let my body recover!




You guessed it… Barry’s! Thursday is abs & ass which are my favorite areas to work, so I usually do double floor rather than the treadmill for extra strength training!




Usually my last Barry’s session of the week. Full body day means hardcore cardio and hitting all the muscles in my body! BUT, sometimes come Friday I’m too tired for another 6am workout so I take another rest day—remember to listen to your body!





One of these days will be a rest day when I can sleep in or go out to brunch with friends! The other day I’ll either go on a walk around my neighborhood or a hike for some low-impact cardio outside! I’ve also been loving F45’s resistance classes so if I’m up for it, I’ll go on Sunday morning. I also make sure to stretch each day for about 15 mins—stretching is SO important whether you exercise or not!


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