3 easy tips to drink more water

3 easy tips to drink more water

Let’s talk WATER 💦 Water aids everything from youthful & elastic skin, to healthy blood pressure, lubricating the joints, flushing out waste, increasing your metabolism, and regulating hunger hormones. If you’re not drinking enough water your brain often mistakes dehydration for hunger, aka you think you’re hungry when in actuality your body is extremely thirsty. Water is a necessity for fat loss, muscle gain, and a healthy body!

I drink 4 liters of water a day. To most people that sounds crazy, but for my height/weight/activity level, 4 liters makes me feel my best and prevents me from waking up bloated (even after a night of sushi or 🍷)! That being said, 2-3 liters is a more realistic goal if you’re not used to drinking a lot of water. Here are some easy ways to up your water intake:

1. Have a big glass of water first thing in the morning

Make it a routine, something that you just always start your day with. Our bodies are extremely dehydrated in the morning since we go 6-10 hours without water, so drink up!

2. Always carry a water bottle with you

I always have a big bottle of water with me wherever I go. Having water with you throughout the day serves as a reminder to keep sipping! Often times our bodies are dehydrated and we mistake that dehydration for hunger, so drinking water regularly throughout the day helps regulate hunger cues and blood sugar. If you don’t like plain water then try adding some cucumber slices, berries or mint! 🍓

3. When eating out, opt for water or tea

This is a big one. Even though a lemonade, soda, or coffee drink might sound good when eating out, I always opt for water or tea (or a black coffee if I need one). Soda, coffee drinks, and juices (even ones that sound healthy) are often laden with sugar and empty calories. Automatically opting for water when dining out is a sure way to reach your fitness goals and maintain a hydrated body that functions to the best of its ability! Trust me, your body, skin, and bank account will thank you!

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