Let’s talk healthy living on a BUDGET 💸 As a college student I know how expensive working out and eating healthy can be, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to do when on a tight budget! Below I’ve written out some tips that I use every week to be able to live the lifestyle that I do without blowing my bank account:

1. Grocery shop in the beginning of the week

Having a fridge full of wholesome food that will go bad by the end of the week motivates me to utilize what I have and shy away from quick, unhealthy bites (think homemade overnight oats vs a coffee shop pastry). Cooking your own meals is often WAY cheaper than eating out since restaurants have crazy markups. My fave budget-friendly market is Trader Joe’s: my weekly groceries cost me $35-50!

2. Frozen meals are OKAY

There’s a negative stigma around frozen meals but I’ve found them to be a life saver. Are they the highest quality option? Obviously not. But when you’re in a time crunch, a healthy frozen meal sure beats the McDonalds drive-through. At $4-5 per meal, I love Amy’s brand or Trader Joe’s for veggie and lean protein-filled frozen meals that actually taste good. I microwave them for 2 minutes, then throw them in a pan with some spinach!

3. Book your workout class(es) in the beginning of the week

Once you’ve bought the class, you’re committed! And doing so in the beginning of the week allows you to properly allocate your remaining budget for the rest of the week. If you can’t afford a workout class or 2, you don’t need one! Before or after work or class, go on in a 2-3 mile walk 3-4x a week. Walking is an amazing (FREE) exercise that engages leg muscles and burns way more calories than you’d think.

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